adult programs

Adult beginners practice palm heel strikes

Intermediate students practice drills with Sensei Bob

True Martial Arts Academy offers a number of programs for both youth and adults. The most popular is our Karate program, detailed below.


Karate-Do means the “way of the empty hands” and offers those that study it an opportunity to enrich both their inner and outer lives.

When Karate was first introduced to the United States in the late fifties, the physical demands, the self-defense benefits, and the demonstrations of phenomenal strength in the use of hands and feet were what received the most attention.

The real and lasting benefits, however, occur mentally and spiritually. It is this quality that more and more people can appreciate as the source of inner strength and peace, which radiates from the Martial Artist.

It is no accident that with this kind of development, the student of Karate can apply his or her focus on any endeavor and achieve success whether in school studies, athletic activities, career pursuits and, perhaps most importantly, in their relationships with other people – including parents, teachers, neighbors, friends, colleagues and adversaries.

Our classes focus on developing all aspects of karate equally, including self-defense, basics, katas (forms), drills, and kumite (sparring), in a safe and fun atmosphere. Classes are age appropriate. Our youth programs emphasize safety skills for peaceful conflict resolution, life skills such as focus and perseverance, as well as traditional karate.

Adult classes are conducted at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced training levels. Each level provides the necessary skills to progress towards black belt and beyond. See our class schedule for times and descriptions.


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