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We have made it easy and convenient for you to make *tuition payments. You can make payments for standard payment plans for the following programs: Little Dragons, Martial Arts Programs (Adults & Children), Kick Boxing and Tai Chi. For students who have arranged alternate payment plans, follow the instructions in the non-standard payment plans section.

Click on the link below that corresponds to your payment plan. Click on the add to cart button. You will be taken to PayPal's secure site where your payment will be processed.

*All payment plans are non-refundable. Exceptions are for re-location (moving) or illness.

Little Dragons - 3-month program

AGES 3-5 (thirty minute classes) Twice A Week - Cost -- Paid in Full -- $225.00

This 3 Month Trial Program focuses on introducing the younger student to a positive and fun learning environment. Emphasis is placed on developing listening skills, awareness, and gross motor skills needed to learn karate basic STRIKES, BLOCKS and KICKS, as well as information on how to deal with STRANGERS. Students will achieve their White Belt within this time frame and then move into the 6 month program.

Little Dragons - 6-month continuing program

AGES 3-5 (thirty minute classes) Twice A Week - Cost -- Paid in Full -- $420.00

The 6 Month Trial Program continues the focus on all the above mentioned material as well as advanced stranger awareness and introduces the student to dealing with Bullies through basic concepts of conflict resolution. This program continues developing the students skills and is a progressive program that enables the student to move forward through the ranks.

Three Month Trial Program

Cost - Twice A Week Paid in Full -- $345.00

The 3 Month Trial Program focuses on preparing the student for learning the fundamentals of the martial arts. Students are introduced to learning kata (forms), kumite (fighting) and applications of practical self-defense. Youth students will achieve their White Belt within this time frame.

12 Month, Basic Martial Arts Program

This program provides an intense 12 months of basic training designed to move the beginner towards Intermediate Level of Gold to Green Belt and on the way to joining the Leadership Team and the Black Belt Club. Students will learn more about the Martial Arts such as History, Tradition, New Katas, Drills and Improved Fighting Skills. Students learn to become more focused, disciplined and self-confident in their abilities and activities, both inside the Academy and outside at home, school, work, or play.

Payment Plan A
10% discount if paid in full: $1099.00

Payment Plan B
Down payment: $360.00

Monthly Payments: $90 for 10 months

18 Month, Black Belt Club ($2070.00) Program / Leadership Team

Students are eligible to join the B.B.C. / L.T at purple belt and after first 9 months of 12 month program 3 classes per week, Plus Special Classes & Weapons Training
****** See Instructor for Details ******

Payment Plan A
15% discount if paid in full: $1,750

Payment Plan B
Down payment: $470

Monthly Payments: $100 for 16 months


36 Month, Black Belt Club Program / Leadership Team (Adults Only) ($3960.00 value)
25% discount if paid in full: $2970

Tai Chi

3 Month sessions are available. Cost is $179.00 or a drop in fee of $15.00 per class

Each session will focus on the Yang Style Short Form, Warm-ups, the Eight Pieces of Brocade, a stretching exercise designed to stretch the internal energy channels and Qi Gong, meaning Energy Work which is a series of exercises to help move energy throughout the body.

Additional instruction will be given on an introduction to the Tai Chi Sword and Lee Modified Form

Please call us for information on starting your Health and Wellness Tai Chi Program.

Tai Chi classes are held on Thursdays, 6:15 - 7:00pm

Non-Standard Payment Plans
For students and parents who have arranged other payment plans with Shihan Jim, you can still make payments via PayPal.

1. Create a PayPal account at
2. Click on the Send Money tab.
3. Enter the dojo email account: ""
4. Enter the amount of your payment.
5. Under Category of purchase choose Service
6. In Email subject type "Tuition payment"
7. In the Note field, please enter the name of the student whose tuition is being paid.
8. Click Continue.
9. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Send Money.


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