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EZ Defense

You Can Protect Yourself!

EZ Defense is a highly specialized self-defense program that teaches participants to successfully defend against an assailant of any size.

EZ Defense is based on the idea that learning is best accomplished by "doing". In all our programs, you will work with a highly trained team of instructors who will create a safe, yet powerful scenarios and role plays designed to help you experience the "rush" of self defense without the danger of consequences.

Learn simple, effective self-defense and prevention skills through the EZ Defense program. These are techniques any person regardless of age or fitness level, can learn.

Practice in a safe environment. The instructor teaches and demonstrates all the techniques and coaches students while they practice. For classes involving strikes, the instructors wear padded armor and are trained to allow you to hit and kick w/ full force.

The Programs:

Level One: Non-Contact, Verbal Boundaries

In this program, you'll learn how to assert yourself and deal with the natural excitement and fear that can cause you to " freeze up" when faced with an aggressor. You'll be lead through simple but effective drills and scenarios designed to help you overcome the uncomfortable feelings and fear that can mark you as an easy target for an attack.

Understand how to use your emotions to help you become stronger and safer. Fear and anger are tremendous sources of power when used in defense.

The Level One program has no contact and is a perfect introductory program.

Level Two: First Strike

Students learn to deliver effective strikes and kicks to vital areas. Studies show that information learned under an adrenal state becomes firmly rooted. Basically, what you learn under stress "sticks". Still, this class is as enjoyable as it is effective. You will be surprised how much fun learning these strikes will be.

Features of EZ Defense

  • EZ Defense builds on an individuals personal strengths
  • EZ Defense builds on the potential that a person already has for self-defense. This includes power in the legs and the ability to learn to make good choices and use effective reasoning under stress.
  • EZ Defense provides self-defense training in a safe supportive environment

Other Benefits:

  • Less intimidated by other people or situations
  • Increased self esteem and assertiveness
  • Greater confidence
  • Improved leadership skills
  • Improved ability to communicate clearly and directly
  • Increased problem solving skills
  • Increased focus and effectiveness at work
  • Calm, clearheaded thinking during stress or crisis

The step-by-step process of developing skills and confidence builds from class successes. By the end of the course, students have repeatedly used their skills to assess danger, set boundaries, and respond effectively to verbal and physical attacks.

With the support of other students and the instructor, each student has the opportunities to practice using his or her skills, judgments and emotions in simulated attack scenarios. Because the mock assailant wears heavily padded armor and is trained, students can deliver full force strikes and kicks.

Please call Shihan Jim for further information: 781-894-6585


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