adult programs

Students practice with the bo, a six-foot wooden stick

A student practices an advanced nunchuku kata, using
two nunchuku, one in each hand.


We offer our advanced students the opportunity to study Karate’s sister art known as Kobudo, the way with weapons.

The five basic Okinawan weapons studied at our school have their origins as farming tools. The Bo, a six-foot staff, had multiple uses on land and water. Nunchuku were used to flail the grain from the stalk. The Sai, or short sword, was used as protection against other weapons and might have begun as a hand spade. Tonfa were inserted in a stone as a handle to grind rice grain for flour. Kama or sickle, were used to cut down the rice stalk.

Opportunities to work with the Jo, the sword, escrima sticks, as well as other martial arts weapons are presented to advanced students.

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